Gingerbread – Perfect For Summer Picnics

Nothing is more enjoyable than grabbing your picnic basket, filling it with your favourite treats and finding a secluded spot to enjoy a delightful summer picnic. So why not get outdoors this summer to enjoy the green and pleasant land of the British countryside with our perfectly packaged Billington’s Gingerbread? Or even try Afternoon tea outdoors in celebration of Afternoon Tea Week?  (14th -20th Aug 17). Billington’s Gingerbread is the perfect accompaniment to an alfresco cuppa! Billington’s packs contain 15 fingers of deliciously crisp and aromatic gingerbread fingers, large enough to share but small enough to fit into your summer picnic basket.

To buy Billington’s Gingerbread, please visit our shop here. Billington’s celebrated Gingerbread is made in Market Drayton, Shropshire, and currently celebrating its bicentennial year!

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