300g dry aged venison loin

1 lengthways slice of a fennel bulb

1 rectangular cut of butternut squash

3 cavello nero fronds

3 tablespoons of Bennett & Dunn rapeseed oil

15ml vintage port

5ml liquorice compound

5ml very reduced game stock

15ml water 1 teaspoon Droitwich salt

4 tablespoons ultratex

1 stick of Billingtons Gingerbread

wild flowers & herbs


1.oil & salt the venison & set aside

2. oil the fennel & butternut & place in a very hot fry pan – cook until caramelised then set aside

3. in the meantime add all liquids to a mixing bowl & whisk in the ultratex until a gel like texture, place in a piping bag & set aside

4. with a knife shred the gingerbread bar & set aside

5. place an iron pan on a very high heat, add the venison & get a great sear all around

6. remove when rare & rest, add the cavello nero until wilted

7. after 8-9 minutes slice the venison into 2cm segments & rest for a couple of minutes

8. plate

9. pipe the gel on a pre warmed plate, add the charred vegetables, cavello nero & venison, add the gingerbread & wild herbs

10. serve

Chris Burt Executive
Chef at the Mytton and Mermaid


This recipe has been designed & produced for Billington’s Gingerbread by Executive Chef, Chris Burt, from The Mytton and Mermaid Hotel, Shropshire.

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