3 sepia crackers

1 celery heart

10 green grapes

30ml vintage port

200g Moydens Caradoc

15g ultraxtex

20ml pickled onion juice

1/4 pack Billingtons Gingerbread


1. Mix the port & pickled onion liquor together & whisk in the ultraxtex, until you have a firm silky gel, place in a piping bag & set aside

2. Freeze the grapes

3. Trim the celery heart, cut & place in ice cold water

4. Chop up the Billington’s Gingerbread

5. Break the cheese apart, set on a baking tray & blowtorch, until almost burnt on the outside

6. In a pre heated 200°c fryer, add the crackers & fry for 25 seconds

7. Allow to drain on kitchen paper

8. Assemble; pipe your gel on the plate, add the crackers, cheese, celery, frozen grapes & sprinkle with Billington’s Gingerbread crumb

9. Serve

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