Billington’s Gingerbread


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the gingerbread keep?


Is it Gluten Free?

No – we add wheat Flour to our mixture.

Is it dairy free?

No – Billingtons contains butter to give it that rich taste.

Is it suitable for vegetarians? 


Do you have a factory shop? 

Unfortunately, we do not have a factory shop.

How do I become a stockist? 


Do you do individual biscuit packs?

Unfortunately, we have discontinued our individual biscuits packs. 

Is it nut free?

May contain traces of nuts.

Does it contain egg? 

Yes – our biscuits contain pasteurised whole EGG.                                                                                  

Where do you make the Gingerbread? 

Billington’s Gingerbread is made its home town of Market Drayton, the home of gingerbread! 

Can I collect my order? 

No sorry, you can order from our website or visit one of our many stockists that may be local to you. 

Where can i pick up a box? 


Can you share the recipe?

You can not have the recipe – it is our spicy secret and locked away safe!